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We speak 80 languages. How about you?

At Travis, we believe in the power of communication. Imagine a world without language barriers, where you can understand everyone. In this world, you will find it easier to bond with other people, giving you a sense of belonging, and empowering you to grow personally and professionally.

This world is becoming a reality. Founded in 2017, Travis strives to become the best translation company in the world. With our line of portable translation devices, provided with an integration of the best translation services, we facilitate conversations between people who don’t speak each other’s language. This leads to better understanding and ultimately to growth in your organization.

Language barriers are everywhere. Travis is already active on all the continents, improving the lives of entrepreneurs, travellers, telco mechanics and doctors. People like you and the people you work with.

We’re all about chats – maybe with you at WMC? Come and try Travis at the Travis booth.

About Travis

Travis creates portable translation devices offering on-the-spot translation in 88 languages. By combining the best translation engines with smart hardware, and by digitizing lesser resourced languages within our Travis Foundation, we’re creating the situation where you can understand everyone, wherever you are.

Meet Up with Travis

Do you want to discuss opportunities with Travis on the stand?

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