The Hague Tech

The Hague Tech is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators coming together to share ideas and work together in our physical facility and beyond.

Our mission is to accelerate technological adoption within our society. We achieve this by facilitating meetings, labs, co-creating, linking complementary talents, and actively stimulating collaboration.

The community (The Hague Tech members), our services, physical location, and hyper-locality of our community together form the innovation ecosystem we strive to create. The ecosystem empowers entrepreneurs and individuals to find and share opportunities, form cooperative partnerships, tackle obstacles, create personal contacts, transfer complex ideas and information, and make valuable connections between parties who otherwise would not be able to find each other.

In practice, we define the activities of The Hague Tech in three core pillars: workspace, events, labs.

These three core pillars are aimed at leading co-creation and multidisciplinary partnerships for new projects with the community, government, and external corporations. New projects arise in two different ways:

  • Encounters at the co-working location, during events, or in our labs lead to joint ventures through a discovery of common interests, values, ambitions, and opportunities in the market.

  • External parties such as local government, national governments, large corporations, or institutes bring an innovation issue to The Hague Tech, whereby parties from the community are linked together based on their knowledge and expertise to bring about investigations and solutions.

About The Hague Tech

Right in the heart of Dutch decision-making action. The Hague’s first tech-community on a mission to change the world. A place where ‘hipsters, hackers & hustlers’ gather to bring innovation to life.

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