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Swarco - Talking Traffic

The Dutch government has initiated the Talking Traffic Program to achieve an acceleration of the modernization of traffic light controllers. This implies that an open ECO system has been set up to facilitate autonomous driving up to the road user. SWARCO has now implemented 80 so called intelligent traffic lights in the Netherlands. These traffic lights can be used to optimize and prioritize traffic, for better traffic flow and traffic safety. The traffic lights can communicate in two directions. They can give information on the actual signal phases of the traffic lights on mobile apps and they are also able to receive information from cars. 

My city platform

MyCity is SWARCOs' new modular Traffic Management Platform for whole cities, no matter the size. This continuously growing platform allows you to work from a single sign-on system, with various user rights and lets you add new features at any time. Start small and add required functionalities when needed to improve your city traffic flow and safety. Reduce service costs and manage your city in the better way.


Available on-premise or as a Cloud-Based solution operated by SWARCO 24/7.


Single sign-on, customized dashboard, user and device management, map-, list- and grid-view are just some of the many tools you get with the MyCity platform.

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