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Securing the mobile workplace

Enhancing the mobility and flexibility of your organization without compromising the confidentiality of information is a challenge. A smartphone is a great working tool, but smartphones are also increasingly operating in an environment where the security of data is constantly being put to the test. Not only does the versatility of the device itself create a risk of exposure to threats such as malware and interception, but misconfiguration and other user mistakes can also have severe consequences, and information may end up in the wrong hands. Hacked devices can also lead to the disruption of services across an entire organization, resulting in substantial costs, both directly and indirectly.

With Sectra Tiger®/R, a hardened smartphone and tablet solution, you receive a secure mobile workplace—a platform that helps to meet the challenges associated with security and performance when it comes to mobile scenarios, secure and efficient communication with colleagues, and secure and simple access to organizational tools and data. Sectra Tiger/R is built in a cost-efficient way utilizing the latest standard mobile devices from Samsung, both phones and tablets, without the need for customization.

Sectra Tiger/R is designed to withstand hacking and interception attempts from the most resourceful parties in the world. Advanced phone integrity and encryption that ensures secure calls as well as the protection of stored information make it one of the most secure mobile systems currently available.

About Sectra

With a 40-year track record of innovation within secure communications and cybersecurity, we have been entrusted with enabling daily dialogue between government authorities, facilitating communications in various crisis situations and connecting international peace missions around the world with their home offices. Our experience in risk assessment and system hardening has also paved the way for supporting players within critical infrastructure, such as energy and water supply, to strengthen their contingency planning for cyber threats.

Meet Up with Sectra

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