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The Dutch province of Zuid-Holland

The Dutch province of Zuid-Holland accounts for around one fifth of the total added value from business activity in the Netherlands. The province has a strong concentration of knowledge, human-and economic capital. Our ports, digital industries, horticulture sectors, research institutes, colleges and universities are all world-renowned.

Together with the Economic Board Zuid-Holland the Province is committed to build a future proof economy. We maintain this leading position by transforming to a digital en sustainable economy. We do so by encouraging innovation and the adoption of sustainable practices on a systemic level, and by making sure that our economic powerhouses can count on excellent digital conditions. Key building blocks are a strong focus on ethics and cybersecurity.

This delta region, in the western part of the Netherlands, is at home in the world. We care about and are committed to coming up with purposeful contributions to the problems the society faces. That is why our region acts as a testing ground for global challenges. We are focused on sharing pragmatic solutions through international collaboration.

About The Provincie Zuid-Holland

The Provincie Zuid-Holland has 3,6 milion inhabitants, 1,9 milion jobs and is respobsible for ¼ of the GDP of The Netherlands. 

The Economic Board Zuid-Holland consists of 30 triple helix key-players in the economy of Zuid-Holland. Internationally known companies, three world class universities and the regional government form this collaboration.

Meet Up with The Provincie Zuid-Holland

Do you want to discuss opportunities with Segron on the stand?

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