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The Netherlands Pavilion is powering a connective future together! We bring an uplifting ecosystem of public and private companies that form both a home base as well as a jump start from and to the Netherlands. Every participating partner, company, network or endorser is eager to connect and work together on global challenges.

The Netherlands Program has been designed from the starting principle of Enterprise Summit to accelerate the Dutch business community to achieve their commercial, financial as well as societal objectives.

Let's Connect!

Organizer of The Netherlands Program for MWC Barcelona 2023

Enterprise Summit is responsible for the organization of The Netherlands program in cooperation with the Dutch Government, The Hague Innovation Quarter, NBSO and a selection of leading Dutch organisations. All of these organizations contribute to the innovative development of a thriving MWC ecosystem for the NL communications industry.


Enterprise Summit unites all of its valued ecosystem partners before, during and after MWC Barcelona 2023:



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