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Netherlands Business Support Office Barcelona

The services provided by a NBSO are very diverse: from the answering of specific trade questions or facilitating a contact, to providing reliable and tailor made market information and reports, as well as searching for local business partners whilst making use of a professional local network. NBSO's also work to actively recognize trade opportunities and possible investment opportunities and proactively communicate opportunities and sector reports towards Dutch companies. Lastly NBSOs are there to promote the Netherlands = Holland Branding. This is focused a lot around fairs and events where the NBSOs facilitate Holland Branding as well as matchmaking and market introductions.

About NBSO
The Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSO’s) comprise a network of 20 offices in 10 countries (, set up by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (, to support Dutch businesses in the challenging steps of internationalizing their business. NBSO Barcelona is part of the economic network Spain and works closely together with the Embassy in Madrid.

Meet Up with NBSO

Do you want to discuss opportunities with NBSO on the stand?

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