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The Netherlands is one of the top five countries in the world when it comes to digital economies. It is known for among other things its innovations and knowledge sector, its reliable and extensive digital infrastructure, knowledge of cybersecurity, and a pragmatic business mentality. Under the title “Connected Country, Smart Solutions”, 5G, security and connectivity in mobility are among the key elements of the Holland Pavilion. The focus is on aspects including mobility solutions based on intensive data exchange and telecommunications, and on future policy of the cooperating Ministries of Infrastructure & Water Management and Economic Affairs & Climate Policy and the Radiocommunications Agency.

“Connectivity is an essential part of nearly every smart mobility application. Participating in the Mobile World Congress with connectivity as the primary theme therefore gives us a unique opportunity to showcase our Dutch knowledge and expertise, while also bringing us into contact with public and private parties from all over the world. In public-private investment programmes such as Talking Traffic, new services in traffic and mobility are currently being rolled out on a national scale, making optimum use of telecommunications. Further development of 5G will create opportunities for the future introduction of new applications that are not yet technically or commercially possible. Applications that can continue to contribute to increased traffic safety, better accessibility and liveable cities. As a government, we consider market developments involving 5G technology extremely important and hope to be able to present the main points of the ongoing ‘5G in Mobility’ consultation at the World Congress,” says Caspar de Jonge.

Caspar de Jonge – Program Manager ITS and Smart Mobility
Wim Vandenberghe – Senior ITS Advisor
Esther Schoemaker – Senior Communications Advisor


About Ministry IenW

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is committed to improving quality of life, access and mobility in a clean, safe and sustainable environment. The Ministry strives to create an efficient network of roads, railways, waterways and airways, effective water management to protect against flooding, and improved air and water quality.

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