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The Mezuro platform provides ready to use insights from mobile telecoms network data

Mezuro is a data science company specialized in transforming big data from mobile telecoms networks into actionable information. It runs an operational mobility analytics platform in the Netherlands. Mezuro’ s expertise encompass privacy and privacy law to the detail, (geospatial) data analytics, a good understanding of the telecoms market and international developments. We share a common vision to enhance decision making in many ways by analysing the relevant data and turning these into meaningful insights and actionable information.

With the Mezuro platform you will get the basis for all kinds of exiting analytics, ranging from insights for the mobility and transport sector to measuring the effect of campaigns and the insight on Mobility as a service concepts. Technologies like AI, Machine leaning and data fusion are applied to create new insights easily.

The platform gives you the flexibility  to create your own geographic layers for information visualisation and calculations.


The platform consists of a number of modules which can be implemented in a hassle free way, with no impact or risk to any current operational process. The Mezuro platform is  delivered as a ‘in a box’ solution for a fixed fee per month for all related hardware, software, maintenance and services.

About Mezuro

Established in 2012, Mezuro is privately held company with a team of highly trained data scientists with a background in privacy, math, geospatial analytics and IT systems. The Mezuro organisation is crafted around the data science and all non-core functions are outsourced.

Mezuro is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meet Up with Mezuro

Do you want to discuss opportunities with Mazuro on the stand?

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