Netherlands Digital House 5.0

The NL Digital House edition #5 will take place on Tue February 28, 2023 at 15:00 hrs, both online and live! All speakers are relevant NL executives from connectivity and SDG perspective. We will be hosting this event live from The Netherlands Pavilion at MWC23 in Barcelona. Registration will soon be possible via eventbrite.

Why a Netherlands Digital House? There are sound reasons to develop this debate and discussion series. The NL MWC Community will experience an excellent profiling opportunity with the latest content, indepth discussions, extensive knowledge transfer and networking. Showcasing Dutch digitization innovations and reporting on relevant Dutch high tech initiatives and usecases. Main goal being promotion of the Dutch Digital Economy and profiling The Netherlands as a highly innovative country with the slogan “Building a strong digital society together”. The Netherlands goes Digital and even more following this COVID-19 era. 

The objective of this panel discussion series is to highlight the roadmap of The Netherlands on its way to become one of the most innovative digital economies in the world. It has been an informative session with contributions from both the public and private sector in The Netherlands. Inspiring speakers will provide their insights in goals, policies and activities to stimulate the Dutch Digital Economy. The impact of COVID-19 on the digital economy has been discussed, how could we better prepare on future (health) crises.

Our contact for NLDH (5.0):

Mr. Dick van Schooneveld
Mobile  +31 6 25 33 47 78

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