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Connecting people through content

Enterprise Summit connects people through content. We do that by delivering singular events for our clients in the creative, mobile and technology sectors. Our design focus is on relationship building. All our events are designed to facilitate memorable face to face meetings, unlocking new vendor opportunities and expanding our clients’ partner and business connections. In essence, we create intrinsic relationships, build around content.

Thanks to our partnership and close cooperation with the Dutch government, Dutch embassies and NBSO’s and our extensive knowledge and international network in the creative, mobile and technology sector, we support organizations, both and private in exploring and expanding into new markets.

We create singular programs which gives clients the opportunity to connect with existing and new customers and meeting (local) key decision makers, all with the potential to both increase sales in international markets and exchange ideas in a public and private co-‘maker’ space.

The key elements are:

Networking events, (executive focused) Business Tours, Start-up Events, Hackathons, Round Tables, Networking and Matchmaking mainly focused in and around the Dutch pavilions. The creative synergy between all these elements, and the focus on creating meaningful connections based on specific content, has proven itself to be a resounding success!

Meet Up with ES

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