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Creating Europe’s Edge Infrastructure

EdgeInfra provides micro-datacenters for edge deployments and interconnection at the ultra local edge of fixed and mobile network infrastructure in Europe. We create micro eco-systems of interconnection and colocation for content &  application platforms, cloud operators and network providers in places where our customers need them.


Our high –end, automated and virtualized micro-datacenters are the ultimate solution for edge computing, storage and content distribution nearest to the user or devices, including but not limited to edge processing for AI, IoT, gaming, smart cities and industry, uHD video, enterprise and AR/VR applications.


The business model is a neutral host model with regards to the different types of customers and partners e.g. networks, content and compute platforms, as well as fiber & tower companies and core datacenters.  EdgeInfra brings to market a highly distributed number of edge datacenter locations throughout Europe that are relevant and valuable in addition to the current infrastructure.

About EdgeInfra

EdgeInfra was established in 2018 by Job Witteman and Cara Mascini, the former founder and senior executives of AMS-IX. Bringing together market developments such as software defined network virtualization, 5G, centralized cloud and growth of local data through an abundance of new applications, Job and Cara see the need for many small local datacenters and interconnection; therefore they founded EdgeInfra.

Meet Up with EdgeInfra

Do you want to discuss opportunities with EdgeInfra on the stand?

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