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Closing the Loop - pragmatic circularity for phones

Each year, some 2 billion mobile phones are sold across the globe, bringing us information, value and joy. But our devices have two major flaws: their procurement can’t be done in a sustainable way, and at end-of-life, they often find their way into electronic waste (e-waste) streams. 


Dutch company Closing the Loop has developed a ‘closed loop’ service that turns those two problems into one solution. Its ‘circularity as a service’ proved to be a huge opportunity for business and society. 


The basic set up of their service is quite straight forward. When a customer buys a new mobile phone, a small 'offsetting fee' is added to the purchase price. Closing the Loop uses the fee to collect a scrap phone in a country that lacks recycling capacity. This 'One for One' model makes green procurement easy, tangible and highly appealing. That's why multinationals, municipalities, national governments, operators and OEMs have adopted this effective first step towards 'circularity'.


Get started on closing loops for your hardware in a proven and easy way.  

About Closing the Loop

Since 2012, award-winning 'social enterprise' Closing the Loop has solved a key issue in the IT industry: implementing green procurement of electronics without disrupting current processes and agreements. It serves large firms, the public sector and the IT industry itself.

Closing the Loop's approach is pragmatic, proven, NGO supported and was awarded the Dutch 'Circular Award' in 2018.

Meet Up with Closing the Loop

Do you want to discuss opportunities with Closing the Loop on the stand?

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