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Allinq - Utilizing the potential of your asset

Be on top of setting the new industry standards by digitalising your assets and infrastructure today. Accurate laser scanning, high quality 3D modelling and detailed insights help you to unlock the potential of your most valuable business belongings.


Detailed to a millimetre
Your buildings and infrastructures are essential to you. The new industry norm of Building Information Modelling (BIM) entails all information to keep them in optimum condition. With high density laser scanners, Allinq Insite creates point clouds of your existing assets. Point clouds include millions of spatial points of a scan, used as the fundament for building a 3D model with a granularity of one millimetre.

  • Providing key information,

  • Capture data at great distances remotely,

  • Scanning during your preferred time slots,

  • No need for any direct contact with historic / sensitive sections of the asset.


Finding the single source of truth
Scan to BIM enables you to have a single point of reference for all information on any given asset. Allinq Insite guarantees quality assurance across all stakeholders by providing detailed oversight, insight and reporting based on the same data. By using Scan to BIM you are able to compare plans to what is actually happening, and therefore eliminating the possibility of differences between planning and execution.

  • Vital information of the site geometrics,

  • Documentation, drawings, engineering and maintenance plans all available from a single source,

  • Ensuring that all working on a site have access to the same and most current data,

  • Matching plans, documentation with reality.


Realising the potential of your asset
All information generated via laser scanning, the point cloud and eventually the 3D model of your assets is stored in your own digital portal. As a result, asset management, planning, engineering and even simulation of your assets has become available under your fingertips. 

  • Cooperate with all relevant stakeholders, 

  • 360 degrees insights,

  • Always able to enrich your 3D model with more information,

  • Asset Lifecycle Management.


Why Allinq Insite?
Allinq Insite provide Asset and infrastructure owners an increase in operational efficiency by reducing their OPEX and improving the monetization of their valuable assets. Allinq Insite is a trendsetter in the development and exploitation of Scan to BIM.
Allinq Insite provides deep expertise, experience and independent advice on 3D modelling and services. Allinq Insite is your company of choice when you are considering 3D modelling of your assets.

About Allinq Insite

Allinq Insite offers a grip on sites

Allinq Insite provides insight into hidden information about buildings or objects (sites) of customers. This data can be used for countless purposes, in other words: Data Driven Asset Management.
Objects are mapped in great detail with Lidar technology. We convert Big Data by converting this into smart 3D models. The combination of 3D and the asset database offers enormous added value. The information provides insight down to the detailed level: reliable, accurate and fast.

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